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Central Concrete Product Limited is family business which was established in January 1971.

The business is solely privately owned by the founder’s children.

The business has always been managed by members of the family and has grown from a three man operation when first commenced to a company currently employing approximately 70 people. 

The business was originally established in Union Road Marabella and moved operations to the Plaisance Park Industrial Estate in 197_ and later in 199_ established another factory at Harmony Hall Marabella.

The business has seen a significant growth in terms of the range of products offered to its Customers; at commencement it manufactured manually precast concrete wash tubs and flower pots. Today the product range includes

precast pipe of varying diameters and specifications

manhole components

 various range of precast concrete inverts

 valve chamber boxes and covers


Danger slabs


Custom made product

Plant and equipment is used extensively in the production process. The Company has it own Employee range include Supervisors, production workers, welders, machinists,  electrician, mechanics, draught-man, health and  safety officer. Approximately 20% of workforce has between 5-10 years service and approximately 7% has over 10 years service. Approximately 5% are returning employees

Customers include most Government departments, city corporations, WASA, major building contractors, hardwares and general public. Goods are occasionally exported to other Caribbean islands. The business is treated as significant manufacturer in its sector for statistical purposes.

Whereas  product range has expanded over the years to satisfy market demands a corresponding development in management, systems,  procedures and training and development has not occurred  to  complement this growth. 

The Business has always been customer oriented and operates with strong ethical family principles and commitment to workforce. The business was only set up by the founder to provide for his family and  the attitude is that over the years the family (as workforce increased) has grown.

Central Concrete Product Ltd is a market leader in the precast concrete product sector of Trinidad & Tobago duly incorporated since 1976. With a vast range of products over the years our company has stood the test of time in that we guarantee the highest levels of quality and pertinence in our industry.

However since its inception in 1971, our business has transcended generations and still remains a family run business with over 44 years of experience which passed on from the late founder, Mr. Ramsawak Ram to his children who have over the year taken key leadership roles to maintain its longevity.

Our business aligns itself with the highest standing in quality assurance and safety standards both locally, regionally and internationally. Our scope of works directly involves us with following ASTM Standards and OSHA Trinidad & Tobago. These institutions ensure the highest level of commitment to ensure quality products and services for our customers, labour force and all stakeholders involved for maximum return of both short and long term goals. This enables us to demonstrate good corporate social responsibility and lead by example.

The Board of Directors plays a critical role in sustaining the longevity of the company as it looks to the future demonstrating strong leadership, outstanding management with a faithful and committed staff.

With a prudent enthusiasm in their roles they look to pursuing sustainability and growth for years to come. The sky is the limit.

Our client portfolio range from Government departments, City Corporations, Contractors, hardwares and the general public. We also maintain a relationship with other Caribbean islands in order to continuously expand our business. Over the years Central Concrete Procut td has supplied its products and services to major developments in Trinidad & Tobago such as the Five Islands Water Park, Brain Lara Cricket Academy, The Couva Hospital & Multi-training Facility, UWI Debe Campus, Curepe Interchange and Grand Bazaar Interchange as well as numerous housing and developmental projects across Trinidad & Tobago. Currently we supply our products and services for the Point Fortin Highway Project.


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